Greco: Four Brothers + One Sound

Hailing from Athens, GA Greco's musical touch is summed up in four words:
Sing. Dance. Sweat. Sex.

You'll want to do all of these things while listening to their unique style of rock and roll. Their blend of modern hooks layered over rock & roll lyrics we'll make you understand why your mama warned you about boys like these.

Greco connects to the audience through common experiences, sung & belted out over blistering riffs, while giving the crowd a chance to jump in a wild and morally ambiguous party. Their latest stage show reflects their breaking out of the stereotypical pop rock genre, and touching the dirty bits of life that happens to everyone and relating to how we all can keep pushing on.

Who does what on stage:
Sebastian Greco - Vocals          Josh Greco - Guitar          Zach Greco - Bass          Gabriel Greco - Drums


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